Sunday, June 8, 2014

Event: Urban Mobility Bike Tour with Strellson

Strellson is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. They prefer to call it "30 Years of Modern Swissness"! Everything started back in the day, in 1984, when Uwe and Jochen Holy created the Strellson AG. Nowadays it's an international lifestyle brand and their collections are available in over 40 countries.

To celebrate Strellson's birthday, they collaborated with the bicycle manufacturer Bianchi. The new must-have of the season is the folding bike. It's really trending all over the world. Bianchi folding bikes will be available for the very first time on the European market due to this collaboration. 

We were given the opportunity to check it out for you guys! We were invited by Strellson at Clinic Conceptore in our hometown Antwerp. We got a guided tour through our city on the brand new bikes. The guide was "Beroepsantwerpenaar" Tanguy Ottomer; he is quite famous in Antwerp. We really enjoyed ourselves.

But what would Strellson be without a perfect collection matching the Bianchi folding bikes? The garments of the new Edition are specially tailored to the demands of city traffic: breathable, ultra-light and quick-drying for a sporty look in Strellson quality.

The 30th Anniversary Edition is also dedicated to the perfect suit: “Everything starts with a perfect suit. Like Strellson has been doing successfully for 30 years”, says Marco Tomasi, Creative Director Strellson. Everything is designed in Switzerland. If you want your own three-piece slim fit suit,  you’ll have to wait until August 2014: they will be available in Strellson stores, at international retailers and in the Strellson online store.

Make sure to check out all the pictures below.
Because riding a bike and making pictures at the same time is quite impossible, we want to credit the awesome photographer Dennis Ravays.

Tanguy Ottomer

The perfect Strellson suit

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