Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Burberry opens first menswear store in London

Finally, finally, FINALLY we can announce something that we've been waiting for a long time! It's really good news for all the fashionable men out there. Burberry opened it's first menswear ONLY store yesterday! So no more elbowing through womenswear to get to the good stuff: men finally get what they deserve! ;-) We can't wait to visit London and go check this new store out.

We, Nino and Christophe, have some pieces of this brand ourselves. We're actually planning a new outfit shoot, because Nino purchased a Burberry London wintercoat a few weeks ago!

Soooo back to the store! It reflects Burberry's renewed focus on suits and tailoring.
You can find the largest selection of Burberry's tailoring stock there and, on top of that, the store also houses a new tailoring service! Say what?! Let us explain. They offer the client a wide selection of suits that you can personalize to your individual needs. And best of all, your suit will be delivered within 48 hours! A tailoring specialist will help you and give you professional advice. Tailoring starts at £850 (which is about €1000). Totally love this! We know what to do with our next (student) paycheck, don't we guys? 

 Nino & Christophe
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Event: Salvatore Ferragamo's craftsmen at work

 A couple of weeks ago, the Salvatore Ferragamo's Belgian PR-team invited us to pay a visit to their flagship store in Brussels for an awesome event! We're delighted to share these pictures with you guys! We were given the chance to discover their craftmanship.
During the event, there were 2 craftsmen (they came all the way from Italy to Brussels just for the day!) busy making shoes and a handbag. They explained the whole process of how to make those pieces. This was quite an experience: everything looks so perfect, probably because it's all handmade!
It's something to be really proud of. That's what makes Ferragamo so wonderful! We also took some pictures from inside the store, because we never get tired of this brand! In fact, it's one of Men Trend's most favorite brands!
Stay tuned, because in a few days we'll post our pictures of the Ferragamo fashion show we attended!
If you missed our post about the FW 12-13 collection presentation, you can check it out here!

Some more in-store pictures... We can't help it! ;-)


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Happy Halloween everybody!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

November 15th, MMM for H&M will hit the stores! We're so looking forward to it!
This collaboration is quite special for us because Martin Margiela is a Belgian designer, a fellow-countryman. We really like the collection, though it doesn't quite suit our own personal style. We probably won't buy anything this time. But this doesn't mean that you guys can't shop 'til you drop ;-)
We made a selection of our favorite items and posted the whole looks for you to see. Don't forget to watch the clip of the presentation in New York City!
Hope you guys enjoy it and make sure you get your own Margiela piece on the big day!





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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outfit post: Fall in style

It's getting colder and colder outside, so I decided to wear something less colourful. A simple, classic outfit that can be worn throughout the day, but also in the evening!
My trousers are from the Dutch brand Cold Method. We did an interview with the head designer some posts ago, check it out here! The shirt is from River Island, belt from Massimo Dutti and my shoes are Sebago!
The pictures were taken in the famous Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp, an old event hall from the 19th century. Unfortunately, it burned down a few years ago. But 5 years ago, after renovations, it's a beautiful shopping mall!
Hope you guys enjoy my look!
Keep reading, thank you for all the support and much love for our followers!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Event: Opening Freelance store Hopland

 Hopland, one of the best shopping streets in Antwerp, has a new gem: the Freelance store. This French shoe brand already has a shop in Brussels, but we are delighted that we now have one that's so nearby!
However, we don't go there for the beautiful pumps and boots... Fortunately, Freelance has a brother!
Worn by real dandies, who like a certain rock look combined with "Parisian Chic" and never settle for anything less than the best.
The brand can be proud of it's name, because it's always associated with real craftsmanship and quality. And boldness! The designers never shy away from using a splash of color every now and then. Take a look at our pictures and on their website, you'll be amazed!

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Nino & Christophe
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Matinique n°2: The lonely traveler

 In order to create our second outfit as ambassadors of Matinique, we received a winter coat. This coat is called the Contrams Coat.
As you can see in the pictures, the coat has a dark blue shade: very beautiful! Nino took all the pictures and Christophe was model for the day.
It's a very stylish and warm winter coat, with a detachable rib insert with zip fastening. So you can wear it all buttoned (and zipped) up, or more loose, like a mac coat. The quality is good for winter, because it's 65% polyester, so quite rain resitant. It really will keep you warm, because it's fully lined (and the lining has the cutest design!).
If you take the insert out, the coat looks totally different! We personally think that's double pleasure! ;-)
The concept was 100% our idea and we also did the styling ourselves. We really hope you guys like it!

Last but not least, we have a surprise for our readers! In order to start the winter in style, you can now order outerwear on and get a -15% discount! Simply use this code at the checkout: Blog1511. This code is valid for a limited time only (just 4 days!), so be quick. We hope you enjoy this opportunity for a moment, and your winter coat for a lifetime!
If you missed our first post of Matinque, you can check it out here!

Christophe was wearing the Matinique Contrams coat, a Burberry Brit check flannel shirt, a Current/Elliot jean and Balmain boots.



Thanks again to Matinique and Lahme for giving us this wonderful opportunity!
 All images are courtesy of
Nino & Christophe
Men Trend

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