Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Laurel London

Men Trend did a collaboration with Laurel London, a new British brand that offers 3D printed iPhone cases. They look very unique and stylish, don't they? They're made of a high-quality plastic, are pretty sturdy and they fit your iPhone perfectly. We adore the vanity blue and the vanity black version!

With this product, Laurel London combined a perfect combination between fashion and technology. When buying this iPhone case, you know you have something unique. A case can cost you up to €40-45.

Everybody needs to have some luxury gadgets to stand out from the crowd.
Laurel London understood perfectly that 3D printing is the future and these iPhone cases are definitely the new chique.

Men Trend is a fan, for sure! 

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Christophe & Nino
Men Trend

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shopping experience

Today's post is slightly different then all our posts lately.

It's going to be about the online shop Zalando. One of the most well-known and popular webshop nowadays. The main reason for this is because they offer a very large range of products. They sell so many brands! If you don't like the 'normal' brands, you can sign up for the 'Zalando Lounge': they offer you a lot of luxury brands with tempting discounts and promotions.

Zalando developed a special page called 'inspiration'. If you're not quite sure what you're looking for or you just need some tips to know what will be trendy next summer, this page can really help you out!

Nino was looking for a new pair of jeans, so we started by hitting the Jeans button on the inspiration page. We got over 1500 different styles of jeans! On top of the page you can select the size, the brand, the prize,... You can adjust it just right for your own needs.

We found this great pair by Nudie Jeans and... obviously we ordered it!
It arrived within a few days and the delivery is free of charge: very important nowadays to make the difference.
Unfortunately they didn't fit, so we decided to return them. This way we could test their service to the fullest for you guys ;-). Nino send them back for free and, within a few days, the perfect jeans arrived at his house. Amazing!

Zalando really is a great webshop and the shopping experience is perfect.

Nino was wearing Nudie Jeans, a Zara shirt, Burberry sunglasses and  Balenciaga's Runner trainers.

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Thank you for reading! Love,

Christophe & Nino
Men Trend

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