Friday, August 1, 2014

MELOW Underwear

We'd like to introduce you to a brand that only sells underwear. The name of the brand is MELOW.

The brand started in 2011 at the fabric market in Utrecht, The Netherlands. There are quite a few brands like this one out there, that are trying to make it. But check out how MELOW really makes a difference!

It's all about comfort. They're making boxershorts that they would like to wear themselves. MELOW gets their 100% cotton fabric from the well known neighbourhood SoHo, New York.

Here comes the original part of MELOW. Prints of birds, fruit and flowers make these boxers really stand out from the crowd. If that's not enough for you guys, then you should check out their unique way of packaging your pair. All of them are delivered in a specially designed VHS video box. Pretty awesome, right? Check out the pictures below to see what we are talking about.

The brand is already popular in The Netherlands and the boxers are even sold in a store in the UK. Obviously, they are still growing and conquering the rest of the world!

The pictures don't really do the boxers justice, so definitely check out their website. We really like this brand and the prints. The boxershorts are fun and brighten up your day when you put them on in the morning. See for yourself!

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