Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Outfit post: Street Cred

I was just walking around the city Antwerp, not looking for anything in particular, when I came across this fabulous pair of jeans by Current/Elliot! Damn, I love them so much haha... Current/Elliott is such an edgy and raw brand, with the creaziest jeans you've ever seen! Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan also wear this brand (do we need to say more?)

Nino and I (Christophe) of Men Trend went to Amsterdam for the weekend. There I found this shirt, which is from River Island. I searched a long time to find the perfect boat shoes, but finally I found these, by Sebago. Also in Amsterdam, such a great city! ;-)
Oh, and the watch I'm wearing is Rado; I wear it daily, actually.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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All images courtesy of mentrend.blogspot.com

Christophe & Nino 
Men Trend

Friday, August 10, 2012


Men Trend is proud to present you the newest Swatch watch: Chrono Plastic!
Available in ten different, vibrant colors, but our absolute favorite is the color displayed below.

We really love this watch because of many, many reasons!
First of all: the design. It's simple, but trendy with an eye for detail. Furthermore, the material is a unique mix of plastic and silicone, which makes it light but still sturdy. Last but not least: the color combinations are really fun and refreshing. Just look at those contrast colors!

 Swatch is really a primus inter pares when it comes to innovation and dynamic detailing. It's a well-known Swiss brand that we always associate with high quality.

Special thanks to Enchanté and Amaury for making this post possible.

Wanna grab your own for only €88 ($120)?

Check out the watch in 3D!

All images courtesy of mentrend.blogspot.com

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Men Trend

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outfit post: Blue is the new black

Since I've never been a fan of the color black, I hardly wear it. I'm much more fond of dark blue and navy colors. MUCH more, to say the least: I wear blue predominantly... Everybody has a favorite color for a reason, right?

I was wearing sunglasses by Selected, a striped (black stripes) shirt of Polo Ralph Lauren with a burgundy tie from Zara and a ribbed sweater of Emporio Armani. The belt is Louis Vuitton, suit pants from Zara and the derby shoes I bought on ASOS.

All images courtesy of mentrend.blogspot.com

Men Trend

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