Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Timberland Earthkeepers® Hookset

It gives us great pleasure to see a brand, that was ragingly popular when we were kids, make effort to find new styles, new ways of presenting itself. Some of you may have a wrong opinion about Timberland: it sure isn’t all about the classic boot anymore! Men Trend was given the opportunity to try out some of the new SS12 models. It’s obviously an offer you can’t refuse, because let’s face it: all 90s kids have a sentimental feeling with this brand!  
Christophe is wearing the Earthkeepers® Boot, and Nino the Chukka. We couldn’t be happier: great models, awesome colors and eco-conscious. The fabric is 100% organic cotton and the soles are made of natural latex. We expected nothing less from Timberland ;-).
Combined with a simple white-beige outfit (Topman-Louis Vuitton), the blue really pops: it completes the look beautifully, doesn’t it? A genuine Saint-Tropez outfit.
Christophe believed, since he was wearing a boot, his outfit should be more Rock-'n-roll, so he combined it with a washed jeans (Guess) and a Ed Hardy T-shirt. Pretty cool, huh? Especially with the rolled up leg:  #hipster!

We totally recommend these shoes, because they’re great for during the summer: breathable and light-weighted. But we should warn you: don’t wear them without socks! And consider buying half a size bigger than normal: they tend to fit quite small. If  your are still doubting (like that is even possible!): they’re not that expensive and much more original than your worn-out Vans!
We would like to thank InfectMedia, Ruben in particular, and Timberland for making this possible! Thank you for believing in Men Trend.

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Men Trend

Friday, June 8, 2012

X-Treme Lab: Extravagances extrêmes

We went to an event that was organized in this cool store called X-Treme Lab. We liked their products very much, so we decided to dedicate a blogpost to it.
The lovely Vera Pepa is the owner of this amazing store. The things you can see and buy there, you've probably never seen before anywhere else! We're talking really, really exclusive gadgets for the rich & famous: vintage Louis Vuitton bags with graffiti, statues made of massive silver,... They even provide moon tourism for private individuals, can you imagine?!
 Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

Lotus Arts de Vivre
Year Zero

Maserati Bike
Swiss KubiK
If you're in Antwerp sometime and you want to visit this shop, here is the address:

X-Treme Lab
Scheldestraat 11
BE 2000 Antwerp

All images courtesy of
Men Trend

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