Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Event: Opening Emporio Armani store in Brussels

You can't even imagine how excited we were to be invited for the opening of the new Emporio Armani Store in Brussels! It's a big, beautiful store with 2 levels, designed by King Giorgio himself. They have the EA men and women collection, Armani Jeans, EA7, the underwear collection and a LOT of accessories!
The party was off the hook! Lots of pretty fashion people, celebrities, fingerfood and cocktails,...
It was also really cool that the niece of Mr. Armani himself, Roberta Armani, attented the opening here in Belgium.
Live performances added lustre to the party. Ladyhawke came to Belgium specially for this event. Also Søren, a female DJ-duo (one of them is the famous Belgian model Amélie Lens, known for the international MMM for H&M campaign) played a set. They made it even more spectacular.
Enjoy our pictures! 

Roberta Armani with Belgian celebrity Vincent Banic


Søren - Amélie & Rosalie

Peti (Voguemoment) and Christophe (Men Trend)

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Nino & Christophe
Men Trend

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Event: Cesar Casier's MODEL KITCHEN

 "Models DO eat" is the statement Cesar Casier wants to make with his first (cook)book, 'Model Kitchen'. He's a 24-year-old Belgian top model with a passion for fashion and cooking.
The recipes in his book vary from juices to main dishes to deserts, and show that good food can also be very healthy! Every dish has the Cesar touch, which basically means that you'll make your Cesar Salad with a pear instead of cheese from now on! ;-)
But it's more than just a cookbook! He also shares his favorite places to eat, drink coffee,... in the 4 fashion capitals: New York, Paris, London and Milan. He even interviewed 10 other top models, like Mila Jovovich and Karlie Kloss, about their favorite dish!
After attending the release party in Antwerp, we can give you only 1 advice: BUY THE BOOK! It's really refreshing, funky and written from the heart. We tried some dishes already and oh boy... it tastes good!

Nino of Men Trend with Cesar Casier

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Nino & Christophe
Men Trend

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Event: Salvatore Ferragamo FW12 fashion show @ Verso

We have to admit that Salvatore Ferragamo is one of our favorite brands! You might have noticed that already ;-) 
We went to another amazing event! This time it took place at Verso, a multi-brand store in Antwerp. Here you can find all the fabulous high end designer brands in one store.
One week ago we wrote an article about the demonstration by the Salvatore Ferragamo craftsmen in Brussels. We had the pleasure to see them at work again in Antwerp!
If you missed our article about their craftsmanship, check it out here.
So, back to Verso! Maybe you are thinking: "Why the hell do they go to the same event twice?". Well, because this time they organized a fashion show! 5 models formed a tableau vivant, showing some gorgeous pieces of the FW12 collection. They changed outfits 3 times. It felt like Milan Fashion Week! ;-)


All images are courtesy of mentrend.blogspot.be

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Christophe & Nino
Men Trend

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