Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr. GUGU & Miss GO shopping experience

Mr. GUGU & Miss Go is a Polish webshop with awesome clothing. Normally, Nino and I don't wear this kind of printed clothing, but Mr GUGU is a unique concept.

Their webstore has a lot of T-shirts, sweaters, outerwear and so on to choose from.
All the clothes are very colourful, some are a little bit 'kitsch' but overall the prints are very graphic and very hipster! As you can see on the pictures below, it's really awesome.

If you absolutely like nothing at all, they have their project called << moresexy >>, which provides you with personalized stuff. You can use your own pictures!

The only thing that is bothering us, is the fact that the tops aren't cotton. When they arrived, we realised they were made out of 100% polyester. Most of these tops would be perfect for summer, but that's out of the question... On the website, there is no mention of the material at all. We strongly recommend the company to do so.

With the size chart on the website, you can perfectly choose your size! The tops really fit true to size. But the sleeves looked weird. As you can see on the pictures below, we rolled them up.

In the first 5 pictures below, you can see Christophe showing his favorite pieces of Mr. GUGU webstore.
In the other pictures, you can discover Nino's favorite pieces.

Want to go grab your own piece of clothing?

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Thank you for reading! Love,

Christophe & Nino
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  1. Love the shirt and the sweaters!

  2. Nice picks, it's like you are a walking artwork!


  3. OMG! The jumper with palm trees is BEAUTIFUL! I want the same ahahaha :D
    Beautiful pictures by the way !

    Do not hesitate to follow me on GFC and/or BlogLovin, I will follow you back :) ! X


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