Monday, February 27, 2012

‘Kill the lights and burn some human energy!’

This is the new slogan from the Swedish fashion company Björn Borg, used for the launch of glow in the dark underwear, part of their SS12 collection. Björn Borg got inspired to design GITD underwear because of the answers in a public poll, along with a general ecological trend. The collection is sexy and ecological both at the same time.
Men Trend thinks it’s very clever to respond to the human needs and what the Average Joe is ‘worrying’ about. Mix it with fashion and you can bring it to your audition in a playful way to attract the attention to our environment – and how we affect it. The goal of this collection is that we have to wonder about what we can do in our everyday lives to make the world a better place.

The Björn Borg SS12 Underwear collection will be available at Björn Borg stores, selected retailers and in the Björn Borg web shop as of February 2012. To say it like Mr. Borg: “The night time just got some more fun time. Sexy, Sexy, Boom Boom. Feels good JA!”

Men Trend


  1. well they had to come up with something new..

  2. Cool. I hope that this is available in my worldwide!

  3. thank you so much brother :))
    can we following each other?


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