Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Shop: Dress Code NY

We received an e-mail from a nice guy named Jamal. He told us that our blog is pretty awesome and that we keep our content organized and updated and it has a cool design, development etc. We really appreciate such compliments! He also told us that he runs a website himself, an online vintage shop that sells men’s and women’s vintage pieces.
The name of his site is Dress Code NY. Off course Men Trend checked it out and we really liked it, so we decided to make an article about this website! Among the choices for men are: military jackets, fun sweaters and funky vintage prints. At the moment he even offers a YSL tie (why doesn’t he keep that for himself for heaven’s sake?!)

We contacted Jamal and asked him a few questions to get to know him and his online vintage shop. He was born and raised in Maryland, but moved to New York City to study.
To quote him: ‘This site is about finding one of kind vintage pieces but mixing and matching them with modern pieces that are in your closet. The point is to be versatile with clothing. After interning at several fashion companies I realized that these clothes are really cool, but they have something in common THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Dress code is exclusivity. I added a button or brooch on a shirt to give it a little extra and that’s what makes a difference.’
Jamal really want to tell a story with his site: vintage must be fun and that’s what he want to portray in the clip on the homepage. He really wants to become the next Nick Wooster, who is his biggest example.
He chose this name for the website because “your personal style is your dress code, that’s how people identify you.”

Now for the practical stuff. Shipping costs are by weight, but if you spend over a 100 dollar shipping is free. Jamal currently ships only to the US, but soon international shipping will be available too, so we all can buy some vintage pieces there.

You can also like the facebook fanpage: Dress Code NY.net

Check out the promo video of his site!

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  1. Now those are some clothes I'd make my (non-existing) boyfriend wear!



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