Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Event: Cesar Casier's MODEL KITCHEN

 "Models DO eat" is the statement Cesar Casier wants to make with his first (cook)book, 'Model Kitchen'. He's a 24-year-old Belgian top model with a passion for fashion and cooking.
The recipes in his book vary from juices to main dishes to deserts, and show that good food can also be very healthy! Every dish has the Cesar touch, which basically means that you'll make your Cesar Salad with a pear instead of cheese from now on! ;-)
But it's more than just a cookbook! He also shares his favorite places to eat, drink coffee,... in the 4 fashion capitals: New York, Paris, London and Milan. He even interviewed 10 other top models, like Mila Jovovich and Karlie Kloss, about their favorite dish!
After attending the release party in Antwerp, we can give you only 1 advice: BUY THE BOOK! It's really refreshing, funky and written from the heart. We tried some dishes already and oh boy... it tastes good!

Nino of Men Trend with Cesar Casier

All images are courtesy of
Nino & Christophe
Men Trend


  1. very nice party

  2. Looks like a fab event. great suits :)


  3. Looks like a great event and Cesar Casier is a nice model.

  4. cool post

  5. Hey Nino, hey Christophe,
    a very great and interesting post! :)
    The cover of that book is simply amazing! :P Though the idea od promoting a model's diet plan isn't *entirely* new, it is good to get a few new recipes once in a while. ;) Creative low-calorie meals sound great! :)
    Can't wait for what you're going to show to us next.
    Yours truly

  6. So cool!

  7. What a great concept- and the cookbook cover is amazing. :)


  8. Zag er echt geweldig uit! Ben heel benieuwd naar het boek!
    je blog is geweldig! xoxo

  9. OMG DAAR HAD IK GRAAG BIJ WILLEN ZIJN! Was dat via een pr bureau of gewoon goeie connecties met Mr Mooiboy himself ;)!?



  10. Wauw superleuk dat je hem ontmoet hebt!
    Leuk jullie te zien op TBY!



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