Thursday, February 28, 2013

Event: Paul Smith SS 2013

What is better than celebrating Valentine's Day by viewing the new collection in the Paul Smith Store in Antwerp?
We had a fabulous evening: cocktails, fingerfood, fashion people, and, of course, an amazing new collection!
We didn't know where to look first, because we loved so many pieces. The store is also a shoe heaven!
Red, coral red, salmon pink, sienna, electric blue and optical or check prints can be seen on three-piece suits and although it's quite colourful, it looks really classy and chique. We noticed the recognizable maxi weekend bags and, of course, the ones with the iconic Mini Cooper on it!
We loved every single piece of this collection, actually... ;-)
Hope you guys loved our review.

Picture taken by the lovely Renée Van Osta -
Thank you for reading! Love,

Nino & Christophe
Men Trend

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  1. Goog collection...!!!1
    Martha Zuniga

  2. Grande brand!!! Kisses

  3. I loved the collection, each thing more beautiful than the other.

  4. You guys look fab. Really enjoy this collection.

    x Angie

  5. Paul Smith is seriously amazing - and the shoes, so good!

    Lady à la Mode

  6. I love it!!

    Baci e Buona Settimana!!

  7. I love every single thing! So fabulous:)

  8. Mooie collectie, de tas is prachtig!

  9. Paul smith is echt een favorietje van mij!! Die trui vind ik echt zalig! Maar soit al hun items zijn zalig!

  10. the shirts are so great! i want iiit! <3 //

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