Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Event: Matinique turns 40 - Barcelona Meeting

Last week, we went to a very exclusive event of the brand Matinique.
This year the Danish brand turns 40! 40 years of fabulous men's clothing.

Specially for this anniversary, they organized a very exclusive event in Belgium for only 7 guests to have a sneak peek at the new collection. We were lucky and honoured to be two of them.
The people of Matinique that hosted were really kind and helpful.
It is a real pleasure to work with them.

First of all, we want you to have a look at this clip that will guide you through 40 years of Matinique.
What a journey...

Here are some pictures of the presentation and the collection.

The collection is truly amazing and stylish. Matinique decided to increase its prize and also to sell it in a limited number of stores, because of the special occasion.
However, the reaction to the collection is so good and so many people are prepared to pay that little extra, that eventualy it will be available everywhere for everyone.

All the pieces are timeless and if you purchase them, you can wear them longer than just one season.
People nowadays really search for clothing that is pure quality and class. Matinique has it all.


Here are some pictures we definitely wanted to share with you guys!
They're official, but a little bit more arty. Cool, huh?
These pictures will not be shown in stores or on billboards etc. They were released for press only.

To finish this article, we want to show you the official campaign movie.
Matinique always has such great movies!
Thank you for reading! Love,
Nino & Christophe
Men Trend 


  1. Tasteful designs! Too cool! :)

  2. Very mysterious official campaign movie! The coat with leather elements (1:00) looks amazing! I'm looking forward to actually getting my hands on the collection!

  3. nice stuff and chocolate any else

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