Monday, July 29, 2013

PFW: Atelier Gustavolins

 Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins opted for a casual fashion show. The models, who were actually "amateurs" from the streets, walked up and down the stairs of Palais Brongniart in his new Spring-Summer 2014 collection. There was no actual runway and just a small audience of fashion professionals, which made the presentation quite intimate. The designer stated that he wanted to emphasize the democratic side of fashion.

The collection consisted of a mix of casual wear and sartorial pieces: for example oversized harem trousers combined with a silk shirt and a linen blazer with an upturned collar. The use of colour, patterns and leather was really subtle and beautifully done. Small details, like the neckerchiefs, oversized belts and V-necks created by wrap detailing, made the looks flawless.

Enjoy our own
pictures below and relive the moment with us ;-)
A picture taken by Fucking Young! - Find us ;-)
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  1. Great!!

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