Monday, July 22, 2013

PFW: Maison F presentation

Still in Paris, we received an invitation for the Maison F party.
To be completely honest with you guys, we didn't have a clue about this brand.
It's a French accessory brand founded in 2011 and all the items are handmade in an atelier in Paris. At the time you place an order online, the product will immediately go into production! We are so thrilled to have found out about this brand, because this is really something unique to share with you!
The brand is all about ties and bow ties. The collection also carries some amazing tie pins and pocket squares. Maison F even has some accessories for the little ones. Tiny bow ties are so adorable, instant fashion kid ;-). We had the opportunity to meet the designer Fran├žois-Regis Laporte. He explained us everything about the SS14 collection
There are multiple designs and every design has its own name. For example, one is called "The Mermaid". When you have a close look at our pictures, you can see that the names are quite fitting for the design of the different bow ties. You can tell that the designer has an overwhelming know-how. Every piece is of top quality and made to perfection. Prices go from 70 to 130 Euros.
The presentation was beautiful and he presented his bow ties on original Stockman forms, which was pretty impressive too.
Go have a look and pick the one that suits you!

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