Tuesday, October 29, 2013

H&B London

H&B London is a British accessories brand that creates luxurious accessories for gentlemen. We really do love the fact that their webshop is for men only! Quality, individuality, trust and craftsmanship are their keywords. Something that we personally really like is that all the items are handmade in Britain by real craftsmen.

The beautiful wallet that we're reviewing is made of the finest materials. According to the product description, the most exclusive Italian calfskin leather was used to make this unique wallet. The colour is really beautiful and original. The name of the colour is "British racing green", which sounds pretty nostalgic, doesn't it?

Our only concern is the price. For this billfold wallet, you pay £130 (€150). When wallets and cufflinks are your only product, you really need to have know-how to make a difference and to be a competitive market player. There is an overload of choice for wallets and cufflinks nowadays. Although the wallet is really cool, it doesn't have a coin pocket and the lining doesn't really live up to our expectations. That's why we believe the price is a little too high.

Nevertheless, it still makes a gorgeous present for Christmas! Check out their website. They also have a selection of cufflinks that are really beautiful.

 All images are courtesy of mentrend.net
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  1. la qualità traspare da queste foto!!! bacione


  2. Hello from Spain: I like this brand. The products are quality. Keep in touch

  3. Amazing!! nice wallet

    Great post ;-)



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