Sunday, October 20, 2013

Outfit post: In Bruges

 Men Trend went to Bruges in Belgium for a weekend a while back. Tourists in our own country ;-) Actually, it was a really good opportunity to take some pictures for a new outfit post! It has been a while now since we did one, we know... But school keeps both Nino and me very occupied and we also get quite some questions for collaborations, so that's why we are posting less nowadays. So back to our little trip!
I was wearing a Zara jacket, one of my favourite jackets! Zara's collections are improved, I'm starting to like their clothes again. This jacket was only €70, so actually really affordable. That's the good thing about Zara, the clothes are affordable but still stylish.  My belt is by John Galliano. I ordered it online at luisaviaroma
This T-shirt is one of my personal favourites because of the leopard print. I bought it in a cute little store in Antwerp    (I forgot the name, sorry 'bout it).  My pair of jeans are from H&M, they're my comfy jeans.  And my shoes are by the brand Sebago, best boat shoes ever! My bag is also from Zara. The reason why I treasure this bag so much, is because it was a birthday gift from my friends.
So, that's all for today. Leave a comment to let me know whether you liked my outfit or not!


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  1. Beautiful bag !!!!


  2. Hello from Spain: I like your bag. The shirt is very cool. I was traveling in Bruges for 4 years. I love that city. Keep in touch

  3. Rocking the leopard tee- I love it! :)


  4. Cool outfit!

    Marisa Silva

  5. love the shirt!!!


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