Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book signing: Hello, my name is Paul Smith

Sir Paul Smith came to Belgium for his exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Hasselt, but he also decided to visit our hometown, Antwerp! This was our chance to meet Sir Paul Smith himself.

We bought his brand new book: Hello, my name is Paul Smith and he signed it for us.
It was such a great evening.

Funny detail, Christophe was wearing the same suit as him! What a conversation starter...

Picture taken by AntwerpPeople

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Thank you for reading! Love,

Christophe & Nino
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  1. Geweldige ervaring! Ik heb hem een tijdje geleden bij de opening van exhibitie in Hasselt ontmoet. Paul Smith heeft zoveel wijsheid!

    x Karen

  2. Oh how fun that you got to be there :-)

  3. Ahhhhhh dammit. Hier had ik ZO graag bij geweest, ik moet echt alle dingen eens beter opvolgen want vond het al zo jammer dat ik zijn signeersessie in Hasselt had gemist. Either way, leuke foto's! Jullie zagen er beide super classy uit!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  4. You guys look great, this looks like a fun time ;) xx

  5. You guys looks dapper!

  6. Wow!!! This is amazing! xxx

  7. Wat een leuke ervaring! Jullie zagen er beiden erg goed uit, I like! ;)


  8. Nice event!!!

  9. So awesome to meet him. I wish I could of been there :D

  10. It is an amazing evening, which allowed you to enjoy such a long-awaited meeting with the author. It is great that you also could get a signed copy of the book.


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