Thursday, December 29, 2011

Customized baseball jacket!

Do you ever wonder: “where do all these people get their cool baseball jackets?” Well, Men Trend has the answer! After trying on several jackets in many, MANY stores, we came to the conclusion that none of them was perfect for us. Either they didn’t fit or we didn’t like the color combination or whatever. So… guess what?! We continued our quest and we found an online brand, called “Stewart & Strauss”. This brand offers you the opportunity to customize your OWN jacket!! Let’s do this! You will be very original and everybody will envy you when you’re walking around with a baseball jacket with your initials on it!

First of all you go to Then you click “make-a-jacket; design yours; any color combo!” Now you’re ready to start designing! You can choose between 3 types of jackets and any color you want. You can put your initials at the front and your full name at the back! We absolutely love this! The only snag is that it’s going to cost you… Men Trend customized its own jacket and the total price was over 200 Euros, without shipping costs. For this price you only get the classic baseball jacket and your initials on the front. If you want something written on the sleeves or the back or you prefer a hooded jacket, there will be extra charges.
The bottom line is that it’s a bit pricy, but if you absolutely LOVE this concept, we guess it’s worth the money!

Men Trend


  1. aaaaaah zo vet da wil ik ook hebben alleen is het en beete duur haha.

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