Monday, December 26, 2011

The new fragrance by Gucci

Christophe of Men Trend has an obsession about fragrances!
Everybody wants to smell good. Having a fragrance that suits one should be a part of men’s lifestyle.  So on a regular base we will write something about (new) scents.

Gucci Guilty Intense is an eau de toilette spray, available  in a 50 or 90ml bottle.
The top notes in the fragrance are lavender and lemon, the heart note is orange flower and the base notes are cedar wood and patchouli. Viewed apart these elements don’t say a lot, but together they give an amazing scent!
The bottle has beautiful and masculine design. It’s metallic black and it has the Gucci logo on it. The two G’s are transparent. The box is also black with the monogram on it. However, the bottle looks quite the same as the original Gucci Guilty bottle, so that’s a bit boring.

This perfume is the final touch to your perfect outfit. Nobody will be able to resist you while wearing this fragrance! So gentlemen, be prepared for the swarms of ladies!
A bottle of 90ml (3.0 fl OZ) costs about 80 euro. You can buy it online or at your local perfumery.

The gentlemen of Men Trend bought the fragrance and it didn’t take long before we ran out! So you can expect another review about a new one anytime soon!

Happy Holidays
Men Trend


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