Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matinique Exclusive Preview SS2013

If you're looking for some new threads, Matinique is most certainly the way to go this winter! Just check out the video below and their website. Soon we'll review a wintercoat and you, our beloved readers, will be able to enjoy a special discount! So stay tuned ;-)
The spring-summer collection 2013 is SO beautiful that we couldn't wait any longer to share our pictures with you. Henrik Kongerslev, head of design at Matinique, came all the way from Denmark to Belgium to present the SS13 collection himself to some lucky few. Many of Belgians most talented stylists and some celebrities were there. We were invited too - can you believe how excited we were?!
Anyhow, when you take a look at the pictures below, we hope you get an idea of just how pretty these clothes are! It's, quite frankly, just a taste of what's in store for you/us, because every single piece is outstanding!
The great thing about Matinique is that it offers everything. You can step into one of their stores and buy an entire new outfit, underwear and shoes included. And you'll look amazing from head to toe, obviously!
Conclusion: definitely keep an eye on this brand: any purchase whatsoever is an added value to your wardrobe!

With Henrik Kongerslev
All images courtesy of
Christophe & Nino
Men Trend


  1. My god, I am SO jealous! Love the red blazer, love the ties, love everything! :-p Nice post guys!

  2. Nice post!
    thanks for your post in my blog! I follow you :)

  3. i fall in love
    the suede camel jacket

  4. It's a very nice presentation and these pieces are so pretty. Lovely ties and colors.

  5. Cool!! really like their designs.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  6. Nice pictures, I like the post :).


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    Thank you

  8. Hey hey, amai super blog hier (ook al ben ik dan geen man) kudos!

    Btw, remember when we met on the Matinique collection presentation? And remember I said I was planning my own blog?
    Here it is!!



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