Thursday, August 1, 2013

GIVE AWAY: The Rockrebel / Classic & Contemporary Kit GIVE AWAY

Update: this give-away has ended.

A collaboration always sounds promising. Doing them is quite popular nowadays and sometimes it can lead to something spectacular. Like this one.
Sergei Sviatchenko, the Danish artist and blogger behind Close Up and Private, collaborated with Premium by Jack & Jones. He gives the modern man a well needed makeover with his new, limited edition capsule collection for , "The Rockrebel / Classic & Contemporary Kit".
Ignoring the cliché of ripped jeans, T-shirt and a leather biker jacket we tend to think of when we imagine a fashionable rock star, Sviatchenko provides a modern revolt into style. The rocker look he channelled is inspired by the mid-60s British Invasion-era, a period that revolutionised menswear.
This kit is a readymade rocker wardrobe, including a tab collar shirt in understated Tattersall check, navy blue wool trousers, a green full-knit cardigan, a brown leather belt, a knit tie in navy blue, a British Military inspired repp tie and ribbed socks.
These 7 items are like a collage of Sergei - all the pieces work well both individually and combined. It's a totally wearable and affordable kit - the whole outfit is worth 400 euros. Jack & Jones insisted on keeping the price low, but also delivering a high quality product.

The Kit is now for sale on the Jack & Jones website. The good news is that you can WIN it here! ;-)

All you have to do to WIN:

1) Like our Facebook page

2) Answer the question: "For which J&J brand did Sergei Sviatchenko design this Kit?"
A) ORIGINALS by Jack & Jones
B) CORE by Jack & Jones
C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones
D) Jack & Jones VINTAGE
E)  Jack & Jones TECH

You can either participate here, or on our Facebook page. Leave the correct answer and your e-mail address in a comment down below, or leave the answer on our Facebook page.

This give away ends August 15th 2013 at 12 P.M. Whoever comes in second and third, will get the A-Z Gentlemen's styleguide (see the last picture).


Thank you for reading! Love,
Christophe & Nino
Men Trend 


  1. Ik doe mee!
    het antwoord is C | Premium J&J


  2. The answer is:

    C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones


  3. C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones
    Roger Vega

  4. Answer is C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones

    Great giveaway - the items and the guides look fantastic!

  5. liked on fb
    C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones

  6. Great prize!

    C: Premium by Jack & Jones

  7. Love the contest!

    The answer is C) PREMIUM by Jack & Jones

    Vincent Van Reusel

  8. The correct answer is C: PREMIUM BY JACK & JONES
    (Goretti Fraga in Facebook)

  9. Nice contest! Great give away...

    Correct answer is C; Premium by Jack & Jones

    Keep up the great work guys.

    Jose Linger

  10. Zalige Giveaway!

    Juiste antwoord is C : Premium by Jack & Jones

    Loïc Tybaert

  11. Wat een gave set zeg! Ik houd wel van zo'n look bij mannen.
    Mijn vriend is zeker fan van Jakes & Jones, en ookal heb ik hem nog niet zoiets als dit zien dragen, ik doe graag mee voor hem!
    Dan kan ik hem verassen want ik weet zeker dat hij dit heel leuk zal vinden, hij houdt wel van wat apparte kleding dan het standaard shirtje-spijkerbroekje.

    Het antwoord op de vraag is: Antwoord C PREMIUM bu Jack & Jones

    Mijn mail is:

    Fingers crossed!



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