Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PFW: Paul & Joe

 While we were visiting Paris men's fashion week last June, we were suddenly taken on a fantasy cruise that sailed from Le Havre to Madagascar. Paul & Joe surprised us with a stunning collection in a beautiful setting.

Designer Sophie Albou-Melchaly managed to combine pieces from two very different styles into just one collection. She did a wonderful job: it turned out to be a charming collection that is very bold and exiting, yet totally wearable and whimsy. That's what Paul & Joe is all about!

On the one hand, we saw pieces that (we believe) are typical Paul & Joe: "classic sailor chic."  ;-) Navy colours with white and red accents, anchors, fish and sea horses prints, beautiful knits,...
On the other hand, they made this stunning tropical print, with tigers and giraffe peaking through bright-coloured foliage. In other words, prints were key for this collection.

Paul & Joe also chose to make some sartorial pieces, like the fabulous slim fit houndstooth suit, pictured down low. Don't you just love it?!

Finally, the brand collaborated with a new up and coming brand for the swimwear of this collection. They opted for Piscine Municipale, a brand by two best friends Adrian and David. Each piece of swimwear is decorated with a discreet cheetah head (the brand’s logo) embroidered and a tiny tricolored flag for the French touch. Check out the pieces of Piscine Municipale down below!
Paul & Joe

Piscine Municipale

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Thank you for reading! Love,
Christophe & Nino
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  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful and varied proposals for men. Keep in touch

  2. No pueden gustarme mas los genero y texturas de estas prendas, quiero conseguirlas...
    Abrazo, Germán

  3. Brilliant!! love the clothes and the leather black jacket

  4. your blog is amazing!!! so nice to meet you!!! kisses


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