Saturday, August 31, 2013

Design my Samsonite: Winning designs

A few weeks ago we posted an article about the Design my Samsonite contest.
Well, we now have an update for you, since the competition has ended. Samsonite announced the winners!
Let us first start with the Belgian winner (Belgian pride, of course!). The national winner of Belgium is Kevin Caers. Congratulations to him!
The international winners are two ladies. One is from Russia and the other one from Germany.
Tanya Padalka from Russia won with her vision of the New York skyline, printed on a Cosmolite suitcase. The Firelite suitcase of Hannah K├╝ppers has a cool, vivid-coloured world map on it.

The winners both won €3000 to make a trip to New York and Cape Town, and a set of limited edition suitcases, both fit with the new Curv Technology (stronger and lighter then ever!). Adam Lamkharbech won the People's Choice Award for receiving the most online votes.

Check out the pictures below and let us know your opinion about the winning designs!


Thank you for reading! Love,
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