Friday, January 31, 2014

GIVE AWAY: Mc Alson "Valentine's Day" collection

Attention everyone, Valentine's Day is around the corner!
Especially for this occasion, we set up a collaboration with the well-known Belgian underwear brand Mc Alson. If you're not yet familiar with this brand, you can check out this earlier post of us about it.

To celebrate love, we want to do a GIVE AWAY!

We can offer you 3 exclusive boxershorts,with a design specially made for Valentine's Day. 
We are giving them away separately, so there will be 3 winners!
Gentlemen, this is the best opportunity to treat yourself with something amazing (we mean it, Mc Alson boxers fit like a glove!) for Valentine's Day. And ladies, this is your chance to have the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend!

The give away ends Sunday 9th of February 2014, 00.00 CET.

Do you want to be one of our lucky winners?  You'll have to follow these steps:

2. Describe in a comment down below how your ideal Valentine's Day looks like.

These 2 requirements must be met. If one of them is missing, your participation will unfortunately be invalid.

Don't forget to leave your name and e-mail address! We will announce our winners on our Facebook fanpage, February 10th.

Good luck!

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Thank you for reading! Love,

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  2. My ideal valentines day: Sleep in and have a romantic breakfast in bed for two, then take a long bath together and get ready to have a long walk through the city (New york city if I can dream a little :)) , enjoy lunch and good conversations. Then visit some cosy shops and head back home to get all dressed up for a fancy dinner. Then after dinner end up in the sofa with an awesome movie, a blanket and a last glass of wine.

  3. my valentines day looks boring! i have school the entire day! os this giveaway would be like a bright moment of my day haha...a couple of yours ago I participated on valentine. I was so romantic: a walk in the stadspark in antwerp, bought flowers, and restaurant. It was good. anyhow email adresss: and name Jonathan Zegbe ;-)

    Greets Jon.

  4. Heart attack ;-) Love it!

  5. Super cute! If I had a man in my life I would defiantly buy it :)


  6. I love !!! Very great découverte!!

  7. Never really had a valentines day with a boyfriend yet so when I do have one, it will automatically be my best valentines day ever, the day would start really early since we have lots to do, he has to make up for all my lonely valentine days. Now I would wake him up, he goes down the stairs, covered with rose pedals (cheesy I know) untill he sets foot in the kitchen where I made him breakfast although I'm not a master chef. After our breakfast we watch some corny chickflick just cause we can, afterwards we go ice skating (I'm terrible at it but I think its kinda romantic so for this once). After the ice skating we go to 'vandoag ist' cause they have the best coffee there is, followed by some shopping where I get spoiled with presents After the exhausting shopping we go for some drinks and go to the 'zoo'. Its getting late and we go home where my mom made his favorite dinner (she's a far better cook than me). As last activity we go to the 'vlaamse opera' for a nice evening.


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