Monday, March 12, 2012

In the picture: Christophe of Men Trend

This is Christophe speaking! Let’s take a look ‘behind the scenes’ of my personal life.
In my spare time, I sometimes like to do modeling jobs. I’m not trying to make it my profession, but it is just fun to do beside schoolwork and all the usual boring stuff that has to be done in life!
I know the photographer for quite some time and the female model too: she’s one of my best friends.
Her name is RenĂ©e Van Osta, I love that girl so much! She’s also a blogger.
Make sure to check out her lifestyle blog, Mellow Yellow! Hope you like the pictures!


All images courtesy of 

Christophe of Men Trend


  1. Modelling is heaps fun! And its good that you are just doing it for fun! Always do things because they are fun :)

  2. nice! modeling's cool.

  3. NIce pictures.
    Great jacket in the last photo.

  4. Hey there, love the blog!
    Love the blazer + casual tee combo- so perfect!

    Keep in touch!


  5. Love your blog. Congrats! Very good style!.

    I would be more than happy to invite you to follow my blog at :

  6. this is really nice :)) great looks, i love 'em :) xxx Felixx

  7. Hi! I like those pictures! :) I 'll be checkin' also your friend's blog soon! Stay cool!!

    Btw, I am your newest follower!!


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